'Music For Small Audience'

That's the name of my new ten-song music collection. I'm a singer, songwriter, harmonica player and guitarist, and I wrote and performed the whole thing.

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The music has been described as 'funky, swingy acoustic music' and someone even called it 'funky, swinging short stories.' As long as it's funky and swinging the other stuff takes care of itself.

My central rule is to make music that I would feel compelled to own - if I didn't already - so I could listen to it alot. I don't stop working on it until it fits that bill. It's a good rule. You can hear some of my songs by clicking the jukebox over on the right.

My name is Ken Deifik. Pronounce that DY-fik. You can peruse my bio by clicking on the 'About Me' link over on the right. Amazingly, it's sort of worth reading.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you like my music.

Heck, I hope you buy it.



(This music sounds a whole lot better on CD or high quality MP3's.)


The CD is priced at $12.50. When you click the "Add To Cart" button below, a new window will open to let you finalize your order.

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